Course archive

Retired, but not dead (yet)

Retired, but not dead (yet)


The course archive contains many, but not all of my past courses.


Although retired, they are not dusty old tomes like those that you might find in a library basement. They are very much living experiences of different Englishes from around the world.


I up-date these courses fairly regularly and am more than happy to bring them out and adapt them for your study day.


The courses can be combined, mixed, shortened or extended for a morning, afternoon or a whole day.


If you choose any of these topics, you can be sure of the very latest version.


© Copyríght Nicholas Waters Please do not steal anything without asking me first

Retired courses

that are available for study days


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101 English lessons*


Effective English* Teaching




The Style Guide


Literary Britain








Different Englishes






True blue and red herrings


*Course details not yet uploaded